A personal message from drichmn

To All of you who were willing to challenge what the union was doing you are to be applauded. And to all those who told their story to the media, and to Michelle for putting a public face on the voices that were speaking out, and to “anurse” for recognizing the need and stepping up to build a safe haven for all to speak out, and to those of you who were flooding MNA with resignations and ringing the hospitals phones off the hook–I admire your courage and strength through some very difficult and trying weeks.

You all have renewed my faith in our profession and in the generations of nurses who are following behind my generation.

I’m deeply honored to be associated with this blog. Thank you all!

Update 7/2:

Holy mackeral! I go to bed early and it hits the fan! What’s going on? Those IT people were not involved in this blog in any way. Neither were any of the hospitals. Smells of desperation to me. I thought they said this blog had no effect on the settlement? With that level of desperation to grasp at straws like that just says to me that it did have an impact.

I am an RN. I said from the beginning I wasn’t covered by the MNA contract. And it’s clear from the “Hello Nurse’s” topic how I got involved with “anurse” who started the blog. She asked for help and I volunteered. It’s all in black and white on that thread.

There is no way any IT person could have the kind of understanding of our profession and what we do that I have shown in my comments. They may be good technically but they couldn’t fake that .

I hope those people they slandered do talk to a lawyer. And if MNA doesn’t want to further that kind of conspiracy theory they should take down that thread and prevent any further comments along those lines. Some lame disclaimer by “MNA Children’s” isn’t enough in my book.

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