Open discussion of ratification vote

Ratification vote details from MNA

As we move on from the contentious atmosphere of the last few weeks I hope that we can acknowledge that we need a different path to take in the future.

I was particularly impressed with the views expressed in the article I linked to in the Sunday Star Tribune in the “Open discussion” post about collaborative bargaining (also referred to as interest based bargaining).   It is a model that I would like to see both MNA and the hospitals publicly commit to make use of in future negotiations.

Just as nurses work as a team for the good of their patients, MNA and the TCH’s need to negotiate as a team for the good of their nurses.  After all, both nurses and hospitals are there for one reason, to meet the needs of patients and families and by doing so serve the best interests of their community.

Keeping Patient’s Safe:  Transforming the Work Environment of Nurses.

MNA and TCH could use this IOM report as a foundation for addressing staffing issues as they agreed to do.


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  1. Posted by medic1986 on July 5, 2010 at 7:56 pm

    Interest-based bargaining:

    Our unionized EMS agency has participated in this at various levels for several years. In most contracts, wages were left to “traditional” bargaining, but all other contract language was interest-based. This usually meant that nearly everything but wages was agreed upon within only a few negotiation sessions.

    On another note…as far back as I (or the senior guys) can recall we’ve always run a no-strike/no-lockout contract. We (and the public) have been far better served through the use of binding arbitration. It’s also a lot less financial burden on the union members.


  2. Posted by iresigned on July 5, 2010 at 11:14 pm

    This needs to be the goal for all RN’s in Minneapolis.
    We need to discuss how this can be accomplished.
    Our problem is just how to get this going.,
    Thanks for letting us know the EMS system won’t be hijacked like our nursing profession has been.


    • We need to find out all our options then move ahead. Making a change in MNA leadership could help in the short term but what will happen in 10 years? We saw how much damage this has done, I think we need to stop it from happening again. We have support here to get things going….just need to figure out the right direction to move.


  3. Posted by lgreen on July 7, 2010 at 12:22 am

    no strike for nurses! amazing. don’t even have words. Amazing the impact of social media. We need some good analysis of this by journalists – scholars – someone. There is a LOT to be learned about the current world, technology, nursing, politics, unions, public, media, corporate america, capitalism, healthcare reform, minnesota etc. What a complex facinating mess this has been.


  4. Posted by lgreen on July 7, 2010 at 12:44 am

    I am so grateful and see hope for the future. Hopefully the hospitals will realize they have to act NOW. Hopefully nurses will act respectfully and with faith that the hospitals will act. There is a lot of mistrust and I hope it can be worked through. Hopefully we can be done with dramatic hard intense conflict and realize there is a different way. Possibilities for compromise and collaboration. Hopefully the conversations will continue and people will continue this fierce passion for nursing and the fight for better ways to care for patients and use resources. I hope someday nurses and non-contract staff will see the possibility of mutual benefit in working together. And actually – we should throw patients into the mix as well because they have a lot to contribute. The union has a purpose -and for all of the negatives and pain – and though the head on conflict approach isn’t my chosen method to do things, they worked out of passion for the nurses they represent and for patients and in the end we all learned a lot and will grow from this experience. They have brought issues into the light that need some conversation. We need to decide as a community and country about healthcare and expectations and where we want to put our focus. Looks and materialism? Patient care? focus on family care? So many options. There are a lot of conversations we all need to have.


  5. Posted by lgreen on July 7, 2010 at 1:09 am

    and 1 more hope. Hopefully we can further nursing practice and the profession so contract nurses are working to the top of their license and work collaboratively with non-contract nurses. Both groups (contract and non-contract) have a lot to add to the profession and patient care. I have worked both contract and non-contract. Until I left the contract the first time I had NO idea of the hospital world outside my daily assignment/floor/hospital I didn’t have time to think about it.. No idea the number of nurses out there who passionately care about nursing and patient care. No idea how many people make a hospital go ’round. No idea about hospital finances. Also – nurses out of the contract for awhile need to keep themselves in touch with the bedside. Need to stay informed of the issues and remember what it is like to be in a staff nurse position and how hard and draining and challenging and important it is. I hope we don’t have a future of conflict and lines drawn because ALL nurses contribute. Even nurses in executive leadership positions. They know. The ones I know at Allina at least know. They have an impact. They actually do care.

    Many of these issues in this contract negiotiation are more deep and complex than either side knows. I hope we can have all nurses work together and respect the contribution each makes – and hopefully all nurses will remember where they came from or where their brothers and sisters went to and why they went there. Many left because they want to make things better. There is much work to be done. Minnesota nurses are up for it. We can do it. I know it.

    Ok. I’m sure that is filled with grammatical and spelling errors but it needed to come out and I’m too tired to proofread effectively. love to minnesota nurses on this night. It has been a battle for us all. I hope for peace and improved patient care. How amazing it is that things always find a way to work out somehow.


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