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The meet and greet that we announced for August 19, 6:30-8:30p will be held at the Granite City restaurant in Eagan.  There is a nice meeting room that opens to the patio right off of the main restaurant.  There will be a cash bar and we can order off the menu.

It’s located at 3330 Pilot Knob Road.  Map.

We have planned a short presentation to talk about next steps but it’s mainly a social gathering.  We are putting together a “flyer” about it that I will post here probably next week that you can print and handout.

Update 8/18.  Flyer.  You can print this flyer and hand it out or post it.


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  1. I met an ANW nurse at an event this eve who is non-contract now but was MNA the last strike. She felt this time things appeared very “different”. As most of us know, it was a different flavor due to different influences.She wondered what had changed as she was now on the outside just looking in and did not really know what was going on internally We talked at length and concluded this was about more about politics and not so much Minesota nurse’s issues. She wished us all luck and felt proud we are pursuing the issues that remain.


    • We are certainly going to pursue the staffing issue so that is not an issue next time (although I still stand strong that this is not a big issue at Children’s). I do hope that MNA/NNU will look at what is really affecting patients and nursing and not look for an agenda for striking. I hope they don’t go down that road again.


  2. Posted by Linda R Larson on August 6, 2010 at 2:46 pm

    Hi everyone
    I feel so honored to have connected with so many wonderful people through this blog. It has been such a supportive site for hundreds of people. It is a site full of integrity, honesty, respect and a safe place to share thoughts and feelings without fear of attack, name calling and abuse. That is what I kept hoping for on other communication sites from MNA but just never saw or felt it. The pain and sadness still exists from those postings and could take a long time to heal.
    This site has helped me tremendously both during the negotiation times and now after the settlement. I know there are many who feel the same. I believe 100% that it was this site and all the nurses who pulled together here and stood up for what they believed in that led to the settlement and averted the strike. The fact that so many were resigning from MNA and hundreds planned to come to work during the strike totally shifted the momentum. Thank you all.

    MY BIGGEST THANK YOU goes to Penny. She met a need bigger than she even imagined. Penny showed each of us that it only takes ONE person to change the world. Penny has a nurses heart and a compassion for others that is evident in everything she does. ANOTHER BIG THANK YOU goes to Dee who stepped in very willingly to help with the site. Dee has incredible skills technically and politically that took the site to the next level. And so when Dee joined Penny – now there was TWO. And now in a very short time – over 100,000 visits to the site. INCREDIBLE!!!

    I am so happy to have met Penny and Dee and am working with them to help coordinate the meet and greet gathering on August 19th. I am responding to the hundreds of voices on the site that feel that Penny and Dee deserve high recognition and thanks for stepping out in faith and creating this site. My challenge is that I don’t know how to do that ahead of time before the 19th. If anyone has ideas let me know but I just want to encourage everyone to bring whatever means of appreciation you want to show Penny and Dee to the gathering. I will have a basket there to collect items. It would be nice to have some stories written up on how this site helped you.

    Looking forward to meeting you ALL.


  3. I ordered/received 300 more “No fear, I’ll be here” buttons and will bring them with me on Thursday evening.


  4. Posted by abbottnurse on August 17, 2010 at 10:11 pm

    I can’t be at the meeting on Thursday because I work evenings, but you have my support and best wishes.


  5. Posted by Serenity on August 19, 2010 at 4:48 am

    I am so glad to be coming tonight. I think it is important to talk about our feelings about what has happened since the strike. I have been experiencing more and more nurses who I do not directly work with but know who are blatantly dismissing me and not acknowledging my presence. I can tell my mind how immature and childish that behavior is but my heart still feels sad and disappointed. This behavior also fuels my anger at how much stronger I feel in my position and my profession as a nurse. Looking forward to meeting people tonight:)


    • I admire your strength! When I am at work caring for children I know I made the right decision and will continue to fight not to strike. I still have such a hard time when I think about nurses who think by going on strike they are doing this for the patients.


  6. Posted by ConcernedNurse on August 19, 2010 at 4:15 pm

    I was hoping to come to the meeting tonight, but since I am working a late start shift, (and the distance I would have to drive) I wouldn’t be able to get there until too late. Just wanted to express my support and offer any help I can. I may no longer be working at a contract facility, but I am willing to get involved however I can.


    • I was just telling a good friend how much her support meant to me and how much it helped me through all of this. You don’t have to be working in a union hospital to support those of us who were going through this….and if we have to go through this again in 2013 we will need and appreciate everyone’s support. Thanks for keeping in touch and thinking of us!


  7. I want to share some things from our meeting last night.

    First of all the employee satisfaction survery from Children’s for 2009.
    1) 99% of Children’s employees would recommend Children’s to family and friends
    2) 98% of Children’s employees are proud to tell people that they work for Children’s
    3) 98% of Children’s employees like the work they do
    4) 98% of Children’s employees agree that children’s provides high quality care
    5) 95% of Children’s employees would like to be working here three years from now.

    So what changed in 2010? That is a question that we had to leave unanswered. It is all our responsibility to make our workplace a great place to work and an atmosphere of caring for our patients and each other. From the survery and my personal experience I thought we already have that.

    For those who want to get involved in your organizations in staffing issues contact your managers and see what your facility is doing and get on committees to solve any staffing issues and look at acquity based systems to help improve them.

    I hope that we can all get back to interest based bargaining and not be led to another strike…..but if that is the direction we are led once again in 2013 we will be here and will not support a strike.


  8. It was fun meeting everyone at the “meet and greet” on Thurs. eve. The question still is “where do we go from here?” Do we just put our heads down ,continue to go to work everyday , care for our patients and give them our all , ignore the other “stuff”, and stay as detached as we can be from the MNA ” machine”? I just know I did not become a professional nurse to become a part of the political activist group it appears the MNA is shaping up to be. All this MNA/NNU activity makes me sad for our profession and the type of light it sheds the nursing profession.
    All of you are a great , strong group of women and I know you will only grow as a result of all your courage, strength, and inifnite wisdom. 🙂


    • dragonfly, I am hoping that many will chose to get involved but that is up to each one of us. Elections for MNA are next year and although those of us who resigned cannot run for office, I am hoping others chose to who want to see changes happen. Checking into staffing committees where you work is an option so the staffing issue is not on the table in 2013. We all can continue to educate others on how we are supposed to be bargaining (win-win not win-lose bargaining). Continue to show our patients that we are still professionals….and yes we have alot of repair to do to our reputation. Together we found out what a strong voice we have….and we will be here and continue to stand up for our patients.


  9. Posted by Serenity on August 21, 2010 at 6:55 am

    Can anyone comment on where the money came to reimburse the nurses who went on strike and did not get called back right away? Many nurses received checks yesterday, Friday, 8/20, for reimbursement of not being called back and I’m wondering did MNA reimburse them or the hospital? Any feedback would be helpful


  10. Posted by Serenity on August 21, 2010 at 8:09 pm

    I did not see the check but the nurses who went out on strike were talking about it at work and on their face book pages. One was even going to buy a washer and dryer with the money. Did the money come from our dues? Did we just pay the nurses who went out on strike some of the money from the dues? I’ve been trying to reach my leader to find out if it at all came from the hospital. I will keep everyone posted. The nurses were not keeping quiet about it at all!! I did wear my pin to work and saw some glances but no one asked what the pin meant:) I will wear it with pride!!


  11. Posted by butterfly on August 22, 2010 at 2:32 pm

    I think that each and every nurse in this country share a common goal and belief that we want to provide the best possible care for our patirnts every shift we work. We just disagree on how we achieve these goals and whether the means (strike) justify the end result.

    With that in mind which National Nursing organization do you think is best qualified to lead the nation on Patient Care Delivery Systems, Patient Safety issues – and all the other issues facing our health cae industry in today’s economy?

    Just for the sake of comparison Rose Ann DeMoro, the Executive Director of the NNU ( who MNA is now affiliated with, even though this change was never put to a membership vote) Has never been a nurse, she was a grocery store clerk and a big labor activist associated with the teamsters, AFL-CIo and CNA.

    In contast the American Nurses Assocation ( who we used to be affiliated with) is lead by Karen Daley (President) – her credentials are as follows : PHD, MPH,RN and FAAN. The Chief Executive Officer is Marla J. Weston, PHD, RN. You can read their extensive nursing experience bio’s on the ANA website.

    I think it is imperative to decide which path we want our Nursing Profession to follow now and in the future.


    • is the website for the ANA and it gives you an idea of all they do. The ANA speaks about professionalism and nursing ethics…hhhhmmmm I don’t think I have heard any of that from the NNU?


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