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Nurses in Duluth voted to reject the contract offer and authorize a one day strike.  Here is the proposal from St Luke’s that was rejected.   St Luke’s Proposal

Here is a letter from the chief medical officer of St Luke’s (a physician in Duluth for 24 years).


It is sad what is happening in Duluth while we just got notified that we are facing layoffs of 200-250 FTE’s at Children’s.  We are not exempt from this bad economy. Here is a link to an article about the layoffs at Children’s.



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  1. The latest update-Federal Mediators have called MNA and the hospitals back to the negotiating table. St Mary’s is scheduled for Wednesday and St Luke’s on Thursday as of right now. No intent to strike has yet been filed.


  2. Isn’t it interesting Duluth’s vote was 90%?!?! Sounds like an instant replay of the Twin Cities…LOL But the as I have said before, “Those who cast the votes determine nothing, Those who count the votes determine everything” -Josef Stalin-


  3. Posted by Maria on August 23, 2010 at 2:22 pm

    I have been in contact with HR at St.Lukes hospital in Duluth. I informed them that if indeed a one-day strike is called for by the MNA in Duluth, I will be there to support the neonatal patients that will need care if and when their own nurses abandon them. I also informed HR that I am not at all interested in the per diem/ replacement nurses wage….but will help because it is the right thing to do. No RN should walk away from their patients under any circumstances….especially in the name of patient safety. I know some of us had talked about offering our nursing care in the event of a Duluth strike. If any one else is interested in supporting Duluth patients and hospitals please get my e-mail from Penny or I will also post any info I receive from Duluth on the blog. Of course, I am praying that the MNA will come to it’s senses and avoid a strike….from what I have learned a strike would be devastating, not only to the hospitals and patients, but to the entire community of Duluth.


  4. Posted by Maria on August 25, 2010 at 1:06 pm

    In light of the announcement that Children’s will be laying off 200-250 FTE’s, it brings to mind the often repeated rationale for the 1 day strike at the MNA all nurse meetings. “The one day strike will inflict maximum pain on our employer, with the least disruption to our members.” I guess unemployment is not considered a disruption by the union. Reject the one day strike Duluth.


    • The one day strike did have an effect on the financial strain the hospitals are experiencing and an open ended strike would have been devastating. Many nurses did not want to see the business side of the strike but what good is our contract if you no longer have your job?


      • Posted by Maria on August 25, 2010 at 5:25 pm

        Also, this whole debacle will most certainly affect the job security of other disciplines within the hospital…not just nurses. Happily, though, someone posted on the MNA facebook that this announcement from Childrens is “so Sad”. What is sad is that the possibility of hospitals being forced to downsize was not considered before all this non-sense took place. The strike and our contract cost the hospitals immeasurably….and now the employees will reap the benefits.


  5. Has a target date been set for the Duluth “one dayer”? My husband said I received a recorded message today about working in Duluth if they strike. He did not write the number down. Did anyone else get such a call? If so, please post the number in event anyone wants to go up and help out. I am sorry to hear about layoffs at Children’s but I think we may be hearing of more. I am afraid we will now reap what was sown—the hospitals were hurt financially and what is coming down the road does not bode well for the healthcare industry.


    • dragonfly, I have not heard that an intent has been filed. I am hoping Duluth sees the economic crisis we are in and look at their already stressed economy and think hard about what they are doing. I do have a number for a staffing agency that left a message at my house or you can contact HR for St Luke’s or St Mary’s if they go to a strike. Here is the agency number: 1-800-486-1544


  6. Talks broke off at SMDC in Duluth…sounds like a repeat of the TC.


  7. I just want to let any Duluth nurses know who may be reading this blog that if you post any questions you do not have to use your email….it is totally anonymous.


  8. Yeah!! they have reached an agreement at St Luke’s early this morning that MNA is recommending for ratification. NO STRIKE! Hoping for some good news from St Mary’s soon too. Have not heard of any new talks for them.


    • Posted by dragonfly on September 4, 2010 at 2:25 pm

      Unfortunately , St. Mary’s could not rach an agreement and will walk out on Sept 14 unless they can hammer something out. Hopefully, they will settle and not put their employer in any financial jeopardy.
      Let’s keep our fingers crossed…


  9. Posted by Serenity on September 5, 2010 at 6:00 am

    St. Mary’s has voted to strike. If there are any nurses from St. Mary’s that are crossing the picket line and would like to get a hold of me, I crossed the picket line here in St. Paul at United, please feel free to do so. I would be happy to answer any questions on how it went. There is so much support here on this website. Good luck!!!!


    • Posted by butterfly on September 5, 2010 at 7:51 pm

      There are some interesting comments on the Masssacusetts Nurses Asociation facebook page, You can find this website under the Blogrolls section on the right hand side. The facebook page is entitled Democracy for MNA Now! There are two comments in particular that are very revealing from Susan McNeely and Jim Moura. I also feel that our MNA has made it loud and clear that they wish to silence any voice of opposition to their agenda.


      • The group “Democracy for MNA now” has nurses running for BOD seats in hopes of changing how things are done at that level. Something to look into?


        • Posted by dragonfly on September 7, 2010 at 9:15 am

          We would have to become members to be on the BOD–correct? I am not really wanting to go there. Mass.NA sounds like they have the same concerns and problems MnNA nurses have in regards to the union operations. They only want their “brainwashed crew” to participate in any decision making—not independent thinking nurses. They want sheep not leaders involved with THEIR decision making. Why do you think they hold the annual meeting in Duluth? They do not want us there!!!


  10. Good News!! ST Mary’s in Duluth has reached a tentative agreement! NO STRIKE! Yeah!! Thank you to Duluth nurses for truely putting the patients first and not striking for them!


  11. While it is sad that so many in my profession were willing to follow the union without question, I still work with an incredible group of nurses. Can’t we see what an influence the union has on its members? I love what I do….and I won’t let anyone ever tell me to walk away from my job. So, I hope the union changes their ways and represents us as a professional organization….or they will not have my support. As union membership has dropped in past years I don’t think the behavior of the MNA/NNU is a way to increase support for their union…and yes I meant to say “their” and not mine….I will not claim them right now.


    • Posted by Linda R Larson on September 10, 2010 at 1:58 pm

      Hi all. I haven’t posted for awhile but have a few things to say now. First I am very happy that Duluth did not agree to a strike. There has still been, like there is in the twin cities, a tremendous cost financially, professionally and personally (relationships) that go with all the pre-potential strike time that lasted for months. That culture and everything that happened for all staff during that time is what continues to be so devastating to our current work. Here at ANW I am still seeing what I believe to be effects of the strike / negotiation period. It seems to me that during the past at least 6 months the focus shifted away from patients and moved to individuals- Individual perceived rights, fears, expectations and decreased accountability. Is anyone else experiencing this and have you found anything that helps to bring staff back to patients, focus on care and safety and the have the desire to create a respectful workplace? I sure do wish all RN’s could have seen this before they started being negatively influenced by MNA. I celebrate all of you professional RN’s who truly stood up for your patients and profession. Stay strong. Stick together. We can’t go through this again!!!


      • Posted by dragonfly on September 11, 2010 at 10:06 am

        I would seriously like to pursue going before our legislature to fight for a no strike clause for ALL nurses and be declared essential workers like police, fire, and paramedics. I know we are not government related employees but why can’t we go for this? It would be a big fight against the union…but we cannot sit by and let unions hold our moral/ethical compass hostage.


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