California Nurses Strike

There is so much going on in CA I thought I would just add another post


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  1. Here is the response from the CA Hospital Assoc about the union using the death of the woman to further their union agenda. Also, I love the part of the union claiming that elimination of the nurses paid sick leave is a threat to patient safety. Really? That is quite a stretch.


  2. Posted by nursewhocares on September 29, 2011 at 10:04 am

    This to me would be a new tactic with NNU having sympathy strikes by union hospitals that are under contract. With 2013 contracts coming up, I wonder if NNU would look for other areas like Duluth to hold a sympathy strike with nurses in the Minneapolis area or for that matter hospitals like HCMC or St. Francis who have different contracts periods. This could bring more force to hospital negotiations with all area hospitals potential striking whether or not they are under contract.

    While Nelson said the hospital recognizes NUHW’s legal right to conduct a strike, he said that “a CNA-sanctioned work stoppage is inconsistent with the CNA contract that just went into effect on Sept. 1. In fact, Kaiser Permanente and CNA negotiated this contract earlier this year with the mutual goal of labor peace. The contract specifically states, under the header, ‘No Strikes or Lockouts’ that ‘There shall be no strikes, lockouts or other stoppages or interruptions of work during the life of this Agreement.’ ”

    CNA, however, denied that the Kaiser contract restricts their right to engage in a sympathy strike. “Kaiser has always recognized our rights and the rights of other employees to engage in sympathy strikes with other unions,” Idelson told BNA Sept. 12. By stating otherwise, he said, Kaiser is “making unilateral changes in their interpretation of this contract.”


  3. Posted by nursewhocares on September 29, 2011 at 10:18 am

    It is truly amazing where far left editorial boards like the Minneapolis Startribune has done and San Francisco Chronicle is doing, sees it as it is and questions the union.

    A nurse’s fatal error and a union’s tactical one

    Read more:


  4. Posted by Dragonfly on September 29, 2011 at 10:43 pm

    As I have been stating right along and the name of this web site says it all “No Strike for Nurses”. I pray this will draw attention to our plea to make nurses essential employees like police, fire, amd even air traffic controllers.I have already presented this to my legislator and he told me we need to garner public support to get such a bill passed. This is not the first death as a result of a nurse’s strike–just the first to be brought to light. We know a study done from 1984-2004 showed a 20% increase in patient mortality during a nursing strike. What is it going to take? Nursing strikes are occurring more and more frequently. What is wrong with our profession? I do not recognize it anymore. Have we no ethical and moral values? Lord help us all…


    • Posted by nursewhocares on October 1, 2011 at 9:21 pm

      I don’t understand the public not being more in tune to how NNU tactics harms the community. However, I think the public presently sees hospitals as a corporation or part of the insurance industry which is seen in the negative with the cost of health care escalating.

      Honestly, the hospitals and insurance industry have contributed to this image with the significant salaries some of the executives make and during a year where it is reported health care premiums will raise on average 9%.

      So far, I think the public is not seeing nurses as one comment I read called them “those greedy nurses.” I believe as time goes on and these one day strikes become even more prevalent; you’ll see the public outrage. Unfortunately, patients will pay the price for these strikes.


  5. Posted by nursewhocares on October 1, 2011 at 10:57 pm

    Here is an interesting article bringing awareness of nursing strikes throughout the nation. I believe NNU will eventually play too many cards and cause a public backlash if they continue their present tactics.


  6. So the NNU is doing another one day strike in CA. Quoted from one of the nurses in the article “we have to strike”. Really? I do not know how nurses can support a union telling them that leaving the bedside for the picket line is for patient safety. This union will not support any “take-aways”. Well in this economy good luck….so we know these strikes will continue throughout the country….and again in MN in 2013.


  7. Kaiser has filed a lawsuit against NNU for participating in a sympathy strike in Sept. after their contract was settled. Although the contract states no strikes or work stoppages, NNU claims it does not apply to the one day sympathy strike.


    • Posted by nursewhocares on December 12, 2011 at 9:43 am

      “Roughly one-third of the 17,000 CNA-represented RNs who work at Kaiser facilities in Northern California crossed picket lines and showed up at work during the late September work stoppage, according to Kaiser’s Nov. 18 statement.”

      This is a fair amount of nurses crossing the picket lines. I imagine these nurses realized the contract they had recently agreed to did not include a work stoppage or a one day walk out could result in putting their job at risk. Or this significant amount of nurses who crossed didn’t agree with NNU and were satisfied with their contract. Finally, the best reason these nurses may have crossed is their integrity and felt it was their obligation to be at the bedside to care for their assigned patients on a day they were scheduled to work.


  8. This union will never stop risking the lives of our patients. I continue to be appalled that nurses are being led by a group of labor activists.


  9. Reports from the one day strike in CA yesterday is that more than half of the nurses crossed the picket line! I pray nurses are seeing the light! One demand is to retain their 12 days of sick pay. I think that is outrageous!


  10. Posted by nursewhocares on December 24, 2011 at 5:50 pm

    The public view of nurses is turning very negative with the one day strikes. I can see why nurses crossed since they too might agree with public opinion.
    The nurses have been referred to as criminal, selfish and should be fired. I do not think the Twin Cities area will look fondly on more strikes as part of future contract negotiations. Oddly, I think NNU has given more power to hospitals with the portrayal of nurses as self-serving and cares little for their patients.

    With health care cost at an all time high, the one day strikes are costing hospitals and the community millions of dollars. A response stated the middle income family is paying fifteen hundred a month in premiums. The nurses are out of touch with health care premiums (CNA nurses do not pay any of these cost) and their well above average salaries in California.

    “Again??? What is this, the fifth strike this year?”

    Read more:


  11. Nurses are getting ready to strike May 1st for the 3rd time against Sutter Health in northern Calif in the last 7 months. This could be our future in MN next year.


  12. Nurses with Sutter Health were on strike again June 13th….when will this insanity end?


  13. Posted by Anonymous on June 17, 2012 at 10:22 pm

    Hi all, I have moved from Minnesota to Arizona within the last year. No unions here. Much more peaceful and better communication and relationship with management. Are there more benefits for nurses with a union? Most certainly. But after living through the 1 day strike and the “almost walkout for good until we get what we want” I will happily stay where I am at and watch, support you all from the sidelines.


    • That has been my experience working in MN at a non-contract facility as well. There is not a wall between staff and management. We all thank you for your support as we go through this next year!


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