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We reserve the right to delete / edit any posts with name calling, unfounded accusations, rumors, conspiracy theories,  or content we deem offensive or abusive. A person using multiple identities or impersonating another will be banned.

The purpose of this blog is to offer a place for nurses and others who are not supporting this strike in MN to find information, ask questions, and get support without fear of ridicule or intimidation.

Differing views are welcome as long as the comments are respectful.  We are not here to debate the issues with others who support the strike.  We are fully aware of your views as expressed in the media and on the MNA Blog and FaceBook page.  We invite you to read the links in our Blogroll to understand how we came to our views on the issues.

We are professionals.  Please treat each other with the dignity and respect that each of us deserves.

Thank you.

the blog owner and the blog editors

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