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Duluth News

Nurses in Duluth voted to reject the contract offer and authorize a one day strike.  Here is the proposal from St Luke’s that was rejected.   St Luke’s Proposal

Here is a letter from the chief medical officer of St Luke’s (a physician in Duluth for 24 years).

It is sad what is happening in Duluth while we just got notified that we are facing layoffs of 200-250 FTE’s at Children’s.  We are not exempt from this bad economy. Here is a link to an article about the layoffs at Children’s.


MNA Seeks Bylaws Change

Did you know that MNA is seeking a Bylaw change at the October House of Delegates meeting in Duluth in order to be able to fine members and take them to court to collect the fines?  It says nothing about how large of a fine though.  And they also want to restrict your ability to rejoin if you resign membership .

Make sure you read all the proposed changes in this document:  MNA House of Delegates Meeting

Has MNA been communicating about this or any of the other changes to your Bylaws so that you could provide input to your elected representatives to the House of Delegates?

Has MNA ever provided a copy of the UAN Constitution so members know what violations of it could lead to a fine or other disciplinary actions?

Why doesn’t MNA amend the Bylaws at the annual meeting so all members have a chance to vote on the changes?

Making a Change

I have been told that we currently have an interest based bargaining system in place, but lately it has failed us.  Here is a link that explains how our negotiations are supposed to be.

We are looking ahead….please keep letting us know your thoughts about how to create change!