MNA Seeks Bylaws Change

Did you know that MNA is seeking a Bylaw change at the October House of Delegates meeting in Duluth in order to be able to fine members and take them to court to collect the fines?  It says nothing about how large of a fine though.  And they also want to restrict your ability to rejoin if you resign membership .

Make sure you read all the proposed changes in this document:  MNA House of Delegates Meeting

Has MNA been communicating about this or any of the other changes to your Bylaws so that you could provide input to your elected representatives to the House of Delegates?

Has MNA ever provided a copy of the UAN Constitution so members know what violations of it could lead to a fine or other disciplinary actions?

Why doesn’t MNA amend the Bylaws at the annual meeting so all members have a chance to vote on the changes?


Blog Meet and Greet

The meet and greet that we announced for August 19, 6:30-8:30p will be held at the Granite City restaurant in Eagan.  There is a nice meeting room that opens to the patio right off of the main restaurant.  There will be a cash bar and we can order off the menu.

It’s located at 3330 Pilot Knob Road.  Map.

We have planned a short presentation to talk about next steps but it’s mainly a social gathering.  We are putting together a “flyer” about it that I will post here probably next week that you can print and handout.

Update 8/18.  Flyer.  You can print this flyer and hand it out or post it.

Request from Duluth Reporter

A reporter from KBJR TV in Duluth would like to get in touch with Duluth nurses who are happy with the current ratios or are ready to vote “yes” to the contract on the table.  Contact Boua Xiong at 218-720-9613.

Letter from MNA

There have been a number of posts and questions relating to a letter that MNA is sending some members about a “hearing” they have scheduled.  The NRTW legal foundation has been contacted.

Phone # (800) 336-3600 if you want advice or legal representation.   All legal assistance is being provided free of charge.

UPDATE 7/29Press Release from the NRTW Legal Defense Foundation about filing unfair labor practice charges against MNA for illegally threatening disciplinary actions.


Nurses file federal unfair labor practice charges against MNA

And be sure to watch Kare 11 and WCCO TV tonight.

UPDATE 3: From Star Tribune:

Nurses who opposed strike say union is harassing them

UPDATE 4  7/30: Watch KARE 11 video

Some Minn. nurses say union made illegal threats

Update 8/2 This is a letter to send to MNA which has been looked over by various legal counsel. It is for those who did not resign from MNA prior to working.       letter from those who resigned

Update 10/14  Here is the appeal letter sent to the NLRB.  Appeal to NLRB

Editorial in today’s Star Tribune

Nurses push for unproven ratios.

Read the research and you come away with a very different view about the fixed ratios that MNA and NNU push.

The path forward–

–or where do you want to go from here?

It was an intense two weeks for this blog focused on the issue of to strike or not to strike.  We’ve seen posts and emails from MNA supporters telling us it’s time to move on because the strike didn’t happen.  But none of the issues that lead up to the strike have gone away.

Penny and I and others are evaluating the path this blog will take going forward and we want to hear your views as well.

Tell us what you think.

UPDATE 7/15: Check out the Announcement and Save the Date!

UPDATE 7/27: Commentary in Star Tribune from MNA staff

Carol Diemert, Carrie Mortrud: Hospitals are not as safe as they claim

Update 9/17  Here is a link to a press release from the NRTW about nurses in PA who fought off CNA and their questionable practices.

Update 10/29  This is a seminar at the U of M on Nov 8th discussing the effect of unions on hospitals…it is free and no rsvp needed.  Nurses and unionization seminar

Update 10/30 All nurse meeting at Abbott….here is the flyer  All nurse meeting


What are your thoughts post contract negotiation and ratification?

Tom pointed out this excellent article in today’s Strib as a follow up to  claims made by MNA during negotiations.

Improving life for nurses – and patients

Interesting that MNA declined to comment on the project.  Could it be because it would undermine their claims that staffing ratios is the answer?

UPDATE 7/13: Follow up to the article in the Strib yesterday.  AONE (American Organization of Nurse Executives) on Transforming Care at the Bedside intiative (TCAB).

Announcing the new AONE TCAB initiative

TCAB Brochure