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The path forward–

–or where do you want to go from here?

It was an intense two weeks for this blog focused on the issue of to strike or not to strike.  We’ve seen posts and emails from MNA supporters telling us it’s time to move on because the strike didn’t happen.  But none of the issues that lead up to the strike have gone away.

Penny and I and others are evaluating the path this blog will take going forward and we want to hear your views as well.

Tell us what you think.

UPDATE 7/15: Check out the Announcement and Save the Date!

UPDATE 7/27: Commentary in Star Tribune from MNA staff

Carol Diemert, Carrie Mortrud: Hospitals are not as safe as they claim

Update 9/17  Here is a link to a press release from the NRTW about nurses in PA who fought off CNA and their questionable practices.

Update 10/29  This is a seminar at the U of M on Nov 8th discussing the effect of unions on hospitals…it is free and no rsvp needed.  Nurses and unionization seminar

Update 10/30 All nurse meeting at Abbott….here is the flyer  All nurse meeting


Making a Change

I have been told that we currently have an interest based bargaining system in place, but lately it has failed us.  Here is a link that explains how our negotiations are supposed to be.

We are looking ahead….please keep letting us know your thoughts about how to create change!

Contract Ratified

What say you?

As Peter Rachleff said in his guest post on the MNA blog about the 1934 Teamsters strike, grassroots pressure brings resources to the bargaining table.

You spoke loud and clear to MNA with your letters of resignation and to your patients  saying “no fear,  we’ll be here”  by your phone calls to your hospitals telling them you would work during the strike.  Your actions sent MNA and TCH back to the bargaining table.  Your actions turned the tide from an inevitable strike to this contract ratification.

You were the grassroots Peter Rachleff spoke of.  He didn’t know that at the time.  None of us did.  “anurse” gave you the opportunity to find your voice.  And you used it.  And thank God for the patients and their families that you did.

I salute you.

Open discussion

Talk about any subject you want but please keep it respectful.

Update 7/4. This is an excellent article from the Sunday Star Tribune about collaborative negotiating that references the MNA/TCH contract negotiations:

Great leaders forge the way to win-win solutions for all parties

Since most (hopefully) people are enjoying the 4th of July weekend with their families and the comments are down we will keep moderation before posting going through the weekend.  We will check in periodically to review and approve (or delete those not following our blog rules).

Happy Independence Day weekend!  So kick back, have a beer and a brat, and enjoy the parades and fireworks displays around the Twin Cities.


MNA FB just posted an announcement that a settlement agreement has been reached.

Statement posted on MNA Facebook by the MNA staff

The registered nurses and the hospitals believe a settlement of the labor agreement at this time is in the best interests of patients and our community.

The Minnesota Nurses Association and the fourteen hospitals that have been engaged in negotiations since March have reached agreement with the assistance of the Federal Mediation and … See MoreConciliation Service on the terms for new collective bargaining agreements. The contract settlement is subject to ratification by the registered nurses represented by the Union, but the Union’s negotiating committees covering all fourteen hospitals have agreed to favorably recommend the settlement for ratification.

The Minnesota Nurses Association and the hospitals have agreed to a renewed commitment to working through both parties’ staffing issues through the existing committee systems at the various hospitals.

The affected hospitals are Abbott Northwestern Hospital, Bethesda Hospital, Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota, Fairview Southdale Hospital, Mercy Hospital, North Memorial Medical Center, Park Nicollet Methodist Hospital, Phillips Eye Institute, St. John’s Hospital, St. Joseph’s Hospital, United Hospital, Unity Hospital, and the Riverside Campus of the University of Minnesota Medical Center, Fairview. This also includes a recommended ratification for the Pension Contract at St. Francis Regional Medical Center in Shakopee

From Star Tribune:

Nurses, hospitals reach agreement, averting strike

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Request from a Commenter


“Ok guys–I want to renew an old idea we had recently here, but also to expand on it. Now that we are increasing in numbers–lets all go in to work on Tuesday wearing green shirts! Lets stand strong and do our green for go theme.  And replacement rns who see this–please join us with the green shirts–we welcome you! Are you guys all up for that? Even if the MNA has ancillary staff who will see this and wear green tops–it doesn’t matter–we will at least know that us rn’s are all there in support of each other and our patients. So what do you guys think? huh? can we do it? pleeeeeeeeeeease? pretty please?”

…forget the sticky dots!  I would love to see us all march into our respective units wearing green shirts that day with our heads held high!  Even if ancillary staff on MNA’s side were to wear green shirts in an attempt to “confuse” us…we will still know who we are because we will be the rn’s.  I think it would show a huge message to our patients and our leadership teams.  Just think of what a message that will send!

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7/1: 10 Day Strike Notice Countdown-Day 5

A place to discuss your thoughts/feelings as the strike draws near.

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